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A Copy is Not a Backup

The proliferation of cloud storage options and services can provide you with the ability to keep a remote copy of your data files off your local computer.  But it is important to know that these remote copies are just that – copies – and not backups.  The big difference between a backup and a copy is that a backup can be restored from a point in time, a copy can only replicate the most recent version of the document or file.

If a file is inadvertently over-written or edited and saved, those changes will be reflected almost immediately in the cloud copy.  You cannot retrieve a prior version, or “undo” the damage caused by the over-write or edit with a copy.  A backup, however, allows you to restore from any of the prior backup points – in effect ‘rolling back the clock’ and retrieving the document or file as it existed before the unwanted changes were made.

For some types of files and information, a remote copy is sufficient protection against data loss from a local computer.  But for common data types such as line of business applications, accounting systems, design documents, minutes and meeting notes, and sales proposals a backup is really what you need.

Sound Technology Services offers powerful and automatic backup and data recovery systems.  Give us a call to discuss how your business can get the protection it needs.

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