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One Month’s Cybercrime Headlines from Reuters

We thought it would be instructive to take a look at the cybercrime headlines over a recent month as reported by Reuters. Reuters is a general news service, not necessarily a tech-focused insider resource, so these headlines represent the stories that rose to the top for general consumption.

It turns out the list has a mix of current attacks (State Dept., Weather Service, White House), consumer issues (Apple), and the fallout from a breach (financial firms, Home Depot). Home Depot reported $28 million in uninsured costs in one quarter associated with their data breach. These headlines provide a sobering lesson for businesses: cyber-attacks cause damage not only at their inception, but the impacts (cost, liability, publicity) linger on long after the breach is repaired.

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House, Senate Democrats Seek Details from Financial Firms on Data Breaches (11/18/14) – an opportunity to publicly share what happened.

State Department’s Unclassified Email Systems Hacked (11/17/14) – systems shutdown as a “post-caution”.

U.S. Government Warns On Bug in Apple’s IOS Software (11/13/14)

U.S. Weather Agency Reports Cyber Attacks on Four Websites (11/12/14)

U.S. Postal Service Data Breach May Compromise Staff, Customer Details (11/10/14) – 800,000 employee records, plus anyone who contacted a USPS call center during the first eight months of 2014.

Home Depot Says About 53 Million Email Addresses Stolen In Breach (11/7/2014) – more details emerge.

J.P. Morgan Found Hackers Through Breach of Corporate Event Website: Media (10/31/14) – media reports the event website was the weak link that allowed hackers in.

Only Top Legislators Informed Of White House Computer Attack (10/30/14) – hackers tried to breach the White House network

U.S. National Security Prosecutors Shift Focus From Spies To Cyber (10/21/14) – government security agencies continue to add focus on cybercrime as their definitions of threats to national security continue to evolve.

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