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US-CERT Issues Alert about the End-of-Support for Windows Server 2003

The U.S. Computer Emergency Response Team, part of the Department of Homeland Security, recently issued an alert about the upcoming (July 2015) end-of-support date for Windows Server 2003. You can read the notice by clicking here: https://www.us-cert.gov/ncas/alerts/TA14-310A

Typical of all end-of-support scenarios, after July 2015 Microsoft will no longer provide security patches and other updates to the software. US-CERT notes the increased threat of cyber attack and data loss on unsupported systems, and estimates there are currently over 12 million physical servers (plus many virtual severs) still running Windows Server 2003.

The initial phases of any project to update an impacted server should be underway very soon, if not already. Sound Technology Services can help you update servers; please contact us right away to get started.

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