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Disaster Recovery

Offsite Disaster Recovery

Not to be confused with regular Offsite Backup service, This is a monthly plan for complete disaster recovery, featuring on-the-fly conversion of all data into a virtual server either at your office or in the cloud. Every day (or multiple times a day), a snapshot of every piece of data – not just files, but everything about your server, from program settings and installations to emails and contacts – will be transferred to a backup device, and to an offsite location in a format that can be immediately accessed when needed. If your office server fails for any reason, our engineers launch the most recent back-up as a virtual server that can be booted up either at your office from the backup device, or off-site, behind a firewall to securely allow access from wherever you are. Once your server is running virtually, you can work off of it (almost as if nothing happened) for up to 30 days while old server is repaired, or new permanent hardware is installed. This solution provides the absolute best in data and system resiliency and business continuity at extremely affordable rates.

Once we have your new system running, we’ll retrieve and restore a hard copy of all your data from our offsite system. While this is happening, our virtual servers will still be going. Once the new hardware is ready we’ll shut the virtual server down and any changes made since the restore began will be copied back to the server. In the end, you’ll be back up and running on the new system with very little interruption to your data and electronic communications.

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Offsite File Replication

Feel safer knowing that up-to-date copies of everything you’re working on are just a few clicks away, no matter what happens to the computers and servers in your office. In case of emergency, we can regularly copy your important files and data to a second location, whether it’s a physical office or a cloud server.

If you have more than one business location, we can replicate files straight from one to the other (so your New York files will be backed up at your California location, and vice versa). We’ll securely network the offices together and set up new servers on each side, so your files are automatically transferred within a few minutes of saving them. Should anything ever happen to one of the office locations being replicated, all the data will be safe and secure, replicated to all the remaining locations.

If you don’t have a suitable back-up location, we can set you up on a monthly plan to replicate your files to a third-party system such as Amazon Web Services (EC2), Microsoft Azure, Rackspace Cloud, and others.  Like replicating your data to a second business location, your files will be saved to the offsite storage provider within minutes of when you save them. Should anything happen to your office we can re-sync your data from the storage provider to your office and have you back up and running in no time.

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