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Wireless Design

Indoor Wi-Fi

There’s no reason for your office to have Wi-Fi dead zones – with a little strategic planning, everyone can have great service. We’ll design your wireless access to eliminate weak zones and incomplete coverage, either by rearranging your current equipment or helping you bring in new devices.


Would you like to provide wireless internet access to your customers? Wi-Fi is a great selling point in cafes and lobbies, and practically expected by customers in certain spaces. However, giving people unlimited access to your network means you can end up with viruses, or accidentally giving customers access to your private business files. It’s important to implement this system carefully, which is where we come in.

We’ll set you up with a Hotspot, designed to allow the best coverage while limiting your liability and protecting your network. Once implemented, your customers will sign on to your wifi and automatically be sent to a splash page. We can set up your page with a “terms of service” document (you’ll either want your lawyer to write this from scratch, or to at least review our generic version) which your users will agree to before accessing the internet, to protect you from lawsuits in the event that a patron behaves inappropriately from your IP address. Our systems can also protect you from people taking advantage of your service, by limiting bandwidth and setting a limited number of hours that people can use the service each day or week. If you want, we can arrange the option of charging for access.

Outdoor Wireless

We have years of experience running and operating wireless Internet companies, including a large ISP, so we’re familiar with the unique demands and challenges of getting your signal perfect. We can design and install microwave links for both point-to-point and point-to-multi-point links, as well as consult on your existing set-up. We’re here to help you with your bandwidth management, quality of service, wireless backhauls, and Authentication/Authorization/Accounting (AAA) needs.

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