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Most PC Security Problems are from Third Party Apps

Continuing the trend of improved security from Microsoft on its operating systems and products, Danish software security firm Secunia found that third-party applications were the most likely source of pc security problems.

They look at the top 50 programs installed on computers globally.  Microsoft products (the operating system and Microsoft applications) represent 65% of the programs, yet have only 14% of the total number of security vulnerabilities.  The remaining 35% of the programs, which are all third-party applications, represent 86% of the issues.

The implication is serious for anyone focused only on Microsoft-related vulnerabilities; fully 86% of the potential security problems would be overlooked.

Fortunately, many of the security issues had patches available the day the vulnerability was announced.  Since there are so many vendors, each with varying programs for updating and patching, IT administrators generally find it difficult to keep track of the patch status for every piece of software deployed in their organization.

This type of vulnerability reinforces the importance of an automated update and patching service.  At Sound Technology Services, our remote management and monitoring system constantly checks machines to ensure they are machines are always properly patched. Any machine with a patch that has not been installed within 2 weeks of release is automatically flagged for manual intervention.  And as you saw in the prior article about the vulnerabilities in Java, we will take additional active steps to eliminate flawed software when necessary.

To read the full Secuina report, click here



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