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ADMM – The Active Directory Management Module

Sound Technology Services is pleased to announce the development and deployment of the Active Directory Management Module, or ADMM, to our managed services customers.  The ADMM is an exclusive service of Sound Technology Services, and provides a centralized service that updates and manages your Active Directory group policy functions, as well as adding and updating libraries. This service is 100% unique among the industry, and allows many group policy configurations that would be otherwise manually added and tested on your network, to act almost like a subscription service that is automatically updated as needed with tested and proven configurations.

Some examples of ADMM functions include:

  • Adding bitlocker to USB ports / Making unencrypted USB ports read-only
  • Shutting down USB ports
  • Disabling auto-archive in Outlook 2007 & 2010
  • Adding TrendMicro to firewall exceptions
  • Blocking cryptolocker execution
  • Configuring Offline Files access for mobile users

Clients can request the development of custom ADMM functionality from Sound Technology Services.  Please contact us for more information.

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