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Automated Maintenance and Monitoring only plans

Starting March 1st, Sound Technology Services will be offering Maintenance and Monitoring only Managed Services plans.  The difference from the regular Managed Services plan is that it does not have any included support time, but you still get the same 10% discount on any billable time you do incur.   The plan includes the same monitoring and reporting, patch maintenance, and
automated maintenance that the full plan includes, just without the 15 minutes per computer and 30 minutes per server of included monthly support. This is great for smaller businesses who want the assurance and peace of mind that things are working correctly, but don’t often need help with issues.

The best part is that you can mix with the regular Managed Services plan to tailor the service contract exactly to your needs.  For example you could do Maintenance and Monitoring only for a shared laptop that is only used in the field by employees who primarily work from their desk, and keep the full Managed Services plan for the desktop computer. This would allow you to save money, without having a surplus of support hours that you don’t need every month.

For more information about this Please give us a call!

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