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“DarkHotel” – Malware Targeted to Travelling Execs

“DarkHotel” , a recently discovered, seven-year-old piece of malware, targets travelling executives staying in luxury hotels, presenting ‘downloads’ or ‘updates’ to their computers filled with viruses and other malware.

There are two particularly unsettling aspects to how DarkHotel is deployed; it is targeted to an individual and their stay at a particular hotel, and it presents copies of legitimate security certificates.

The fact that DarkHotel can target an individual when they connect into the hotel’s network indicates the cybercriminals likely have reservations data, although that particular set of breaches have not been announced or disclosed. And the appearance of legitimate security certificate keys, instead of relying on stolen key numbers that would have been deauthorized, mean a primary source of defense is outwitted by the malware.

Read here for an article describing DarkHotel, including which countries have a higher infection rate. The article also has a link to the original report on DarkHotel.

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