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Nine Actions that XP Users Should Take by April 8th

Computer security firm F-Secure has provided this list of must-take actions for anyone who plans to continue using Windows XP after the end-of-support date. We don’t recommend using XP; the risk is too great, the potential for damage and disruption to your business is real.

In cases where a user still isn’t sure if an upgrade is really necessary, this list should help:

  1. Upgrade to a supported operating system. Obviously, this has to be number one.
  2. Isolate any XP machines from the rest of your network. This will reduce the chances that a compromised XP machine will be the pathway to attack newer devices and servers.
  3. Install all the (final) updates and patches to XP. At least they will be protected from known vulnerabilities as of April 8th.
  4. Switch to a current, non IE browser. Windows XP only supports up to Internet Explorer 8.
  5. Install all the updates and patches to Microsoft Office to reduce the risk of compromise through Office.
  6. Remove (uninstall) unused third-party software. Older software is more vulnerable.
  7. Disable or uninstall third-party browser plug-ins. Disable automatic opening of files.
  8. Install and maintain up-to-date firewalls and anti-virus software.
  9. Keep XP machines behind an NAT router to help avoid broadcasting the presence of a vulnerable machine.

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